The Annual National Conference of CIFST

CIFST’s first annual conference in three years was a huge success!

We had 290 attendees, over 75 speakers, 55 poster presentations, 23 exhibitors and 2 student competitions.

Thank you to the conference committee for their efforts – Chair Yvonne Yuan, Vice-Chair Lisa Duizer and committee members Marcia English, Francois Girard, Dana McCauley. Fernanda Peyronel and Jenny Tian

Thanks also go to our staff team from Essentient Association Management Brynne Wrigley, Jennifer Murray, Constance Wrigley-Thomas and Heidi Loney who managed all aspects of the event.

Finally, we are grateful to our sponsors who provided financial support to the conference:

Summit Sponsor – Food Vision Inc.
Title Sponsors – University of Guelph Research Innovation and Farm Credit Canada (FCC)
Presenting Sponsors – Caldic and University of British Columbia
Summit Student Sponsor – International Food Focus and Toronto Metropolitan University – Faculty of Community Services

We are already at work planning the 2023 conference which will be held either late May or early June, 2023. Watch this space for more information.