The Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology (CIFST) and Canadian Food Business magazine have partnered to create a platform for leading experts, innovators and scientists to showcase the latest trends, knowledge and developments that are changing the face of Canada’s food industry today. This partnership will enhance CIFST’s profile and enables Canadian Food Business to tap into a pool of powerful industry insiders.

Canadian Food Business is the go-to publication for tips and trends in today’s food and beverage science industry. With topics ranging from beer brewing to protein determination, this magazine reaches a diverse digital audience. Audiences include academia, scientists, government, and food services. Published four times a year in a digital format, Canadian Food Business keeps the market informed on the real world of food science and technology.

Canadian Food Business is committed to researching and reporting on developments within the market, both here at home and around the globe, and the ways in which scientific advancements are impacting the world around us. Presenting dynamic content developed by an excellent stable of writers, including feature interviews, case studies, product spotlights, and more, Canadian Food Business is dedicated to uncovering the latest in food and science innovation and the discoveries that enable progress and the evolution of life on the planet.

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Upcoming Issues:

Fall 2023: Taking a bite out of the food supply chain

As recent disruptions within the global supply chain have thrown operations within just about every sector and industry into disarray, an increased focus is being paid toward ensuring a reliable and consistent supply. However, when considering issues around spoilage and damage, the concern is that much more intense for the producers, manufacturers and purveyors of food and beverage product. From preparation to transportation and storage, and all points in between, this issue will explore the ways in which the food and beverage industry in Canada is making strides through the use of innovation and technology to ensure a better supply, decreasing operational costs and enhancing product efficiencies along the way.

Winter 2023/24: Leveraging data to satisfy tastes

With advancements in technology, particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the role that data plays within the food and beverage ecosystem has increased significantly. This issue will explore the uses of data and the ways in which it’s being applied to improve the daily operations of food processors and distributors, optimize delivery, extend food shelf life, enhance quality control, and increase supply chain transparency, nurturing the continued growth and health of the Canadian food industry.

Spring 2024: The rise of bioprinted and cell-cultured food

As the planet continues to struggle to manage the global food crisis to positive effect, many are considering the development of alternative sources of food. This issue will explore all of the latest advancements related to bioprinted and cell-cultured foods, and how science is helping to address the challenges inherent in the current global food shortage

Summer 2024: An autonomous future

The fusion of artificial intelligence, machine learning and human intuition is leading to the development of cutting-edge autonomous tools that are helping to change the way the foodservice industry operates. This issue will highlight the ways these autonomous technologies are fueling efficiencies and cost savings for foodservice establishments and their partners everywhere.

Fall 2024: Strengthening Canada’s food system

Nothing is more important to the current and future health of any nation than the state of their food ecosystem. This issue will explore the technologies that are being developed and deployed with the aim of strengthening and enhancing Canada’s food supply system today and for years to come.

Winter 2024/25: The digitization of the food and beverage industry

From farm to fork, and every point in between, a confluence of science and technology is lending to shape the future of the food and beverage industry. This issue will uncover the very latest digital innovations and how they are positively impacting the health and success of food and beverage operations across the country.