Canadian Food Business Magazine

The Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology (CIFST) and Canadian Food Business magazine have partnered to create a platform for leading experts, innovators and scientists to showcase the latest trends, knowledge and developments that are changing the face of Canada’s food industry today. This partnership will enhance CIFST’s profile and will enable Canadian Food Business to tap into a pool of powerful industry insiders.

The new partnership was soft launched in December 2021 with Canadian Food Business magazine’s Winter issue. This edition features an article by CIFST Board Member Dr. Marcia English of St. Francis Xavier University and an interview with Immediate Past President Rob Kowal. Here is the link to view.

Upcoming issues include:

Spring 2022 – Theme: Innovation in the Canadian Food Safety Space – Fighting listeria
The latest in food tracking and boosting safety with innovative packaging, labelling, transport and storage.

Summer 2022 – Theme: Ethics Based Food
Reducing the carbon foot print from farm to fork, disruptive packaging that eliminates the need for plastic, a showcase of ethical food start ups.

Fall 2022 – Theme: Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
The latest research into phytochemicals; bio-oils; developments of new products with health benefits and enhancement of food antioxidant capacity.

Winter 2022 – Theme: Food Alchemy
The science and technology behind food textures, mouth feel, and bioingredients, research into flavors, aromas, and colorants.

Members of CIFST will receive a complimentary subscription to the magazine which is issue quarterly.

Members who would like to advertise in Canadian Food Business will receive a discount on advertising rates. To view Canadian Food Business magazine’s media kit, CLICK HERE.