SEPTEMBER 28, 2022

CIFST ALT launched in 2021 as a virtual event that focused on alternative food products, alternative technologies and innovative alternatives to how the food industry produces and distributes products to end users.

Due to popular demand, CIFST ALT is returning as a live event in 2022. CIFST ALT aims to be cutting edge, eye-opening and mind-blowing.

The CIFST ALT Innovation Showcase will provide food sector suppliers and innovators the opportunity to promote their unique brand via our showcase Supplier Showcase Sessions. Each session will be fifteen minutes in length (think TED Talks style) and will be delivered twice during the event. The theme of all presentations will be “alternative.” For examples of topics, please visit last year’s event page.

Just added! Head Shot Salon: Enjoy free professional head shots for attendees from 11 am to 2 pm. Sponsored by Essentient Association Management.  Before leaving the head shot salon, receive your branded card with the headshot salon website address for your personal photo gallery. In two or three business days, and at no cost, download your headshots to use on your websites, promotional materials or LinkedIn profiles.

Win Prizes! All attendees will be entered into a chance to win electronics and gift cards. 

Event Location: Delta Toronto Airport Hotel and Convention Centre, second floor Plaza Conference Centre.

Event Date/Time: Wednesday, September 28, 2022 – 8:00 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.

The fee to participate as a Supplier Showcase Speaker is $1,250 for CIFST members and $2,000 for non-members. Your fee includes one speaker who will deliver 2 x 15 minute presentations (the second presentation is a repeat of the first), one six-foot table for displays, company logo placement on the CIFST website and in all event communications, onsite event signage and looping slide show.

Additional six-foot tables are available at $300/apiece. Exhibitor tabletop booth staff registration is extra – $100/person.




CIFST ALT* is an in-person event.

Event Location: Delta Toronto Airport Hotel and Convention Centre, second floor Plaza Conference Centre.

Event Date/Time: Wednesday, September 28, 2022 – 8:00 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.

Registration Fees:

  • Member in person – $75
  • Non-Member in person – $125


The Collaboration Conundrum

While many food professionals have adapted well to working remotely and are now comfortable using new technology to conduct their day-to-day work activities, more familiarity with Teams and Zoom has not led to an improvement in the formation and building of ideas.  In fact, many leaders report that the absence of office culture has reduced blue-sky exchanges within their organizations.  Research from the US reveals that before the pandemic employees spent an average of 43% of their worktime collaborating but that this number tumbled to just 27% in 2020.*  Likewise, with fewer public activities like conferences and trade shows intersecting with like-minded external collaborators has become harder as well.

For Joe Lake, CEO of the Canadian Food Innovation Network, this all adds up to bad news. As champions of food innovation, CFIN exists to stimulate innovation across the Canadian food sector. So, in September 2021, Joe challenged his team to find ways to help food innovators to easily interact with one another, access thought provoking content and learn about the new technologies and science required to elevate their businesses and increase their innovation capacity.

In this keynote speech, Joe Lake will reveal not only how CFIN has innovated internally to answer this need, but also what they’ve learned about keeping the innovation flames burning within both remote and in-person work environments.


Joe Lake, PhD, Chief Executive Officer at the Canadian Food Innovation Network

Canada’s Import Replacement Opportunity

Boardroom conversations abound about the exciting animal protein product opportunities that are now within reach thanks to advancements in precision fermentation and cellular duplication technologies.  While the value of cellular protein innovation cannot be minimized, there is another exciting –  but less often discussed –  frontier open to food science driven companies: in the near future, imported ingredients such as vanilla, chocolate and other flavours can be made more safely and in abundance right here in Canada! But what does it take to get there?

Our expert panel will explore the opportunities, barriers and challenges that need to be understood by Canadian food, technology and ingredient companies who want to ready Canada to be more self-sufficient and able to satisfy consumer demand for locally produced, safe, high quality food products. Join us to learn more about why we must improve bio-reactors, create more cell farms and increase investor awareness about the Import Replacement opportunity on Canada’s doorstep.


  • Ryan Philippe, Director, Corporate Development, Genomics Canada
  • Evan Fraser, PhD, Director of Arrell Food Institute
  • Susan Jorgensen, Programs Manager at Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP)


  • Dana McCauley, Chief Experience Officer at the Canadian Food Innovation Network

Speaker: Dr. Joey Donovan, Canadian Sensory Manager, Griffith Foods Ltd.

Presentation Title: How to Develop the BEST Plant-based Products?

Developing plant-based products that meet consumers’ demand for great taste and texture has been challenging for many brands, entering this highly competitive market.

Learn how our data-driven, sensory-guided, and insights-inspired tool can help give you targeted guidance on food product development, to help make better plant-based products now!

About the Speaker:

As a Sensory Manager for Griffith Foods, Joey Donovan (he/him/his) is responsible for the internal and external Sensory testing that supports the customers of Griffith Foods. Joey is passionate about finding ways to elevate Sensory Science within the organization and exploring new way to enhance the value Sensory brings to Griffith Foods’ customers.


Speaker: Judy Day, Food Technologist, Lovingly Made Ingredients

Presentation Title: Plant based textured protein solutions

This session will introduce you to one of Canada’s latest textured protein producers. At Lovingly Made Ingredients Ltd. we strive to provide quality and sustainability in everything we do. From burgers to ready meals and cereals and so much more, our plant-based proteins will allow you to get to market faster and achieve better results.

If you are looking for something unique, we offer toll manufacturing and customised recipe development. Simply get in touch with our team to find out how we can support your specific needs.

About our speaker:

Judy Day has worked in the food industry for over 15 years, gaining experience in various categories developing new food products. As Senior product technologist at Lovingly Made Ingredients Ltd., she is responsible for the development of textured proteins and product solutions for their customers. In her personal time, she enjoys learning new things, experimenting in the kitchen, and getting plenty of sunshine.


Speaker: D’Arcy Sokol, Flavourist

Presentation Title: Plant-Based, Bellff taste technology solutions

The “Plant-based Bellff taste technology session” will highlight Bell’s capabilities in delivering functional taste solutions for main market needs in alternative protein applications. The biggest challenge of flavoring plant-based products is achieving the right balance of flavour release. Plant-based matrices are made up of starches, fats, and proteins that all undergo chemical interactions with aroma compounds and each have their own bitter/off notes characteristic as well. These chemical interactions make it so that the aroma compounds are unable to be detected by the taste receptors on the tongue. Flavors will often have to be used at higher levels to be impactful. Since all plant based matrices differ in their ratios of starches, fats and proteins there is no one size fits all solution. The flavor systems must be custom built for each matrix. Bell is bridging the gap towards enriching taste experiences with a collaborative & strategic technical project approach.

About our speaker:

Specialized in the development of flavour solutions, D’Arcy has developed hundreds of successful flavour formulations, including new creations and duplications. He has worked with a broad range of products, from RTDs, candies, fillings, yogurt preps and baked goods to vegan meat/dairy analogs, high-protein snacks, meal replacers, dental products, pet foods, and cannabis extracts. Previously, he has served in other industry roles as an essential oils R&D specialist and in flavour/essential oil production management.

D’Arcy obtained his M.Sc. from McGill University. His research focused on the effects of storage conditions and chemical composition on the development of off-notes in complex flavour systems. Passionate about flavour science, D’Arcy continuously discovers new chemical profiles, flavour trends and ingredient technologies and is enthusiastic about sharing his technical knowledge.


Speaker: Michelle Peitz, Oils Technical Solutions Manager, ADM

Presentation Title: Creating Alternative Food and Beverage Products with Sunflower Oil

With Canadians demanding healthier foods and interest in alternative food products soaring, now is the time to consider which ingredients are resonating with consumers and which ones work best in alternative food formulations. In this session, Michelle will share some of the latest consumer trend data, as well as information on formulating non-dairy beverages, plant-based foods and vegan bakery and snack foods. Non-GMO Sunflower oil is one of the most versatile oils for creating alternative food and beverages and 75% of Canadians are interested in purchasing products made with sunflower oil.1.

1.Omnibus survey conducted by MaruBlue, October 2021

About our speaker:

Michelle Peit, Technical Solutions & Marketing, ADM NA Oils

Michelle Peitz provides ingredient and technical support to the food industry for ADM’s broad oil portfolio.  For the last 14 years she’s been involved in developing new lipid formulations, supporting customer questions and technical issues, and presenting information at trade meetings and for customers.  For her, fats and oils are truly exciting ingredients because they are in a majority of the foods consumed every day which leads to diversity of projects and knowledge.

Michelle graduated from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University with a Bachelors of Food Science.  She has been with ADM since 2008.

CIFST ALT Supplier Showcase Series – National Sunflower Association on YODL


Speaker: Cyril Roblet, Ph.D., Director of Partnerships, Innodal.

Presentation Title: The Future of Food Safety Is Natural : Controlling Listeria with Inneo

Innodal was launched in 2017 in Quebec City, to produce bacteriocins and other natural antimicrobials for food. In 2020, Innodal’s flagship product, Inneo, was the first bacteriocin recognized by Health Canada as a processing aid. Inneo is an antimicrobial composed of pediocin that mitigates Listeria risks. Inneo demonstrates strong activity against the pathogenic strains Listeria monocytogenes and Clostridium perfringens.  Inneo is clean label and a thousand times more effective than traditional methods, and available in dry and liquid formats. This processing aid does not require labeling, thus there is no need to modify packaging labels and is the most efficient solution to protect consumers against Listeria and your company against recalls.  Inneo is proudly distributed in Canada by Dempsey Corporation.

About our speaker:

Cyril has a M.Sc. in Food Science from Burgundy University (France) and a Ph.D from Laval University.  He has 8 years of experience in various agri-food industries, and is currently Director of Partnerships at Innodal. Innodal is a biotech company specialized in the development and production of natural antimicrobial solutions.

CIFST ALT Supplier Showcase Series – Dempsey Food on YODL


Speaker: Jessie To, Technical Development Manager, NA Human Nutrition, Barentz

Presentation Title: Health-promoting ingredients that inspire and tackle today’s biggest problems

In this session, participants will learn about plant-based ingredients that meet demands of health-seeking consumers and help your brand positively influence the health of our plant.  Participants can expect to be enriched from both technical and marketing perspectives.  Learn about how these products are the better alternatives, their sustainability stories and how they function in specific food and beverage applications.

CIFST ALT Supplier Showcase Series – Barentz on YODL


Speaker: Miguel Gallardo, Chief Product Officer of The Owl Solutions

Presentation Title: Incorporating Sustainability into Everyday Supply Chains

We are living in a climate crisis where carbon emissions and plastic waste are significant threats. Companies are seeking alternatives to help, but it’s difficult to determine how to get started.

Supply chains can make a significant impact in addressing these challenges. For example, more than 29,000 metric tons of plastic are discarded each year; however, manufacturers have problems measuring their waste and identifying improvement opportunities.

Join our session to learn how you can bring sustainability information into the day-to-day supply chain decisions, improve ESG reporting and help your business, people, and the planet.

About our speaker:

Miguel Gallardo has a decade of experience working in various global supply chain and data roles. In 2018, he partnered with Hugo Fuentes to create The Owl Solutions – a SaaS solution that allows supply chain professionals to identify hidden anomalies and improve revenue, cashflow and profitability. As Chief Products Officers at The Owl Solutions, Miguel is responsible for managing a team of expert developers who assist in creating interactive dashboards that help solve day-to-day supply chain challenges.



Ryan Philippe, Director, Corporate Development, Genome Canada

Ryan develops and fine-tunes Genome Canada’s strategic approach to investment and innovation. He brings deep experience in strategic development and biotechnology in academia, private research and industry to his role, and is committed to advancing innovation in Canada and contributing to the development of a national sustainable bioeconomy.

As an academic, Ryan’s research focused on understanding how trees defend themselves against insects. He spent eight years building a start-up in the synthetic biology sector, inventing products to solve challenges in agriculture and crop protection, advanced materials, natural products and nutraceuticals. His skills include research and innovation management, business development, partnership management, grants and financing, due diligence, innovation strategy, intellectual property strategy and public communications.

Ryan obtained his PhD from the University of British Columbia and completed his post-doctoral studies at The Salk Institute for Biological Studies.


Evan Fraser, PhD, Director of Arrell Food Institute

Evan is Director of Arrell Food Institute and a professor of Geography at the University of Guelph. There, Evan works to bring large and diverse teams together to develop strategies that balance our need to produce and distribute accessible, healthy, and nutritious food while stewarding the ecosystems on which we all depend for life. He believes that it is only by building bridges between the corporate sector, government, civil society, and academics that we will be able to create the food systems fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

Evan’s non-academic writings have appeared in dozens of publications including CNN and the Guardian, his 2010 book (co-authored with Andrew Rimas) Empires of Food: Feast, Famine and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations, was shortlisted for the James Beard Food Literature Award and his 2020 book (co-authored with Ian Mosby and Sarah Rotz) was awarded an honourable mention by the Science Writers of Canada. He is looking forward to the fall of 2022 when his next book (co-authored with Lenore Newman) will be published. It is called Dinner on Mars: The Technologies That Will Feed the Red Planet and Transform Agriculture on Earth. Evan’s web video series on “feeding nine billion” has been watched over 600,000 times, he has self-published a graphic novel called #FoodCrisis about a fictitious food crisis that hits North America in the 2020s. Evan has also published a card game about global food security that won a gold medal at the International “Serious Play” conference. The videos, the graphic novel and the card game form the basis of high school lesson plans that are used in classrooms around the world.

As a researcher, Evan is a co-author on over 100 academic papers and book chapters, played a leadership role on teams that have raised over $100M in research funding, and mentored around 50 graduate students. He is one of Canada’s most cited social scientists working on food and sustainability and between 2010-2020 was a Canada Research Chair. Between 2014-17 he was a Fellow of the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation, is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and a member of the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars.

Evan also sits on several boards that advise government, industry and charities. This includes co-chairing the Canadian Food Policy Advisory Council and vice-chairing the Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security. In addition, other past and present board roles include George Weston Ltd.’s Seeding Food Innovation scientific steering committee, the European Commission’s high level expert group on food system science, and participating on scientific advisory boards for Genome Quebec, Protein Industries Canada, Cubic Farms (a vertical farming start-up) and the University of the Fraser Valley’s Food and Agriculture Institute.


Susan Jorgensen, Programs Manager at Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP)







Dr. Joseph Lake, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Food Innovation Network

Joseph Lake is a big picture thinker with deep food innovation, research and collaboration experience across the global food industry.

Joe’s career in diverse and progressive positions with the global powerhouse McCain Foods sparked his entrepreneurial spirit, confirmed his passion for transformative innovation, and honed his analytic and collaborative negotiating skills. While at McCain, he successfully created and launched a global food innovation platform, as well as gained knowledge of innovation network models, incubators and accelerators in other countries, including the U.S., U.K. and Europe.

Joe studied at Dalhousie University where his meticulous and thorough work in food science and technology enabled him to skip a master’s degree on route to completing his PhD. Joe is fluent in English and French.


Dana McCauley, Chief Experience Officer at the Canadian Food Innovation Network

Dana McCauley is a value proposition driven innovator who has successfully launched many food products and programs in collaboration with domestic and international food companies and entrepreneurs.​

Beyond her corporate experiences in marketing, product development and creative services, Dana brings not-for-profit and academic expertise to her role. She was the founding Executive Director for Food Starter, a Toronto based food business incubator and accelerator that was recognized with an Ontario Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence. As Director of New Venture Creation at the University of Guelph, Dana enabled agri-food innovators to transform their inventions into innovations that grow the economy and enhances Canada’s international reputation.

Dana has been a food media personality and keynote speaker. She is the President of the SIAL Canada Innovation Award jury. In 2017, Dana was recognized by WXN as one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women in the Trailblazers and Trendsetters category.