Food Science is a multi-disciplinary field of research and education focused on understanding the physical, chemical and biological properties of foods. The field spans discovery-type research & development to the applied sciences, and includes aspects of food chemistry, food microbiology & safety, processing & engineering, enzymology, nanotechnology, sensory science and the nutrition sciences. Advances and drivers in the area of Food Science are also highly interconnected with changes in consumer trends, marketing, authenticity & traceability, food policy and regulatory affairs.

New emerging areas of food science has focused on linkages between food and health, in the area of functional foods, gut microbiology, omega-3 fatty acid rich oils, food bioactives, salt & sugar reduction and removal of trans-based fats from products. As well as, in minimally processed technologies, biofilms, anti-microbial peptides, fermentation, nutrigenomics and value-added ingredient fractionation.

Food Scientists work to develop innovations in the areas of ingredients, processes and food product development, while ensuring high quality, nutritious, affordable and safe products and/or processes for consumers. In Canada, Food Scientists support and drive the latest innovations in the dairy, meat, grain, seafood, bakery, beverage and confectionary sectors, as well as in regulatory affairs, inspections, business and development and academia.