The Maple Innovation Challenge is a competition specially created for food science and culinary arts students across Canada; through a collaboration between the Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, The Maple Treat Corporation and the CIFST.

ROUND 2: Finalist teams were notified on November 11th. A maple starter kit will be sent to each of the teams to begin creating their shelf-stable innovation. Each group must prepare a brochure, spec sheet and nutritional data along with the creation.

Here are the Five Finalist teams that will proceed to the next round of judging:

Team NovaLand, University of Guelph:

  • Yuchen Bai
  • Arrianna Sultani


Team The Golden Bar, McGill University:

  • Wayne Sawka
  • Sky Castaing
  • Anas AlHouran


Team Cold Noodle, McGill University:

  • Jinyu Zhou
  • Zijing Yu
  • Xinyi Liu
  • Xiyuan Shang
  • Simin Tan


Team Taco Belles, McGill University:

  • Veronica Jaramillo
  • Priscilla Leftakis



Team Maple Madness, Toronto Metropolitan University:

  • Tina Farokhifar
  • Stephanie Boissonneault
  • Aliza Hunt


Thank you to our Jurors:

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