The Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST) is excited to announce the launch of a fresh, new website for 2018.

CIFST’s new place on the internet will be adding content over the coming weeks with the goal of becoming an invaluable resource for those involved in the Canadian food and beverage sector.

“We are very excited to unveil the new site,” said Mike Nickerson, CIFST President. “Our old website was in serious need of redevelopment and retooling. However, with so much information and history attached to it, the process of creating something new presented some logistical challenges. At the end of the day, I think we’re introducing something that our members will be proud of and will find tremendous value in. For us, that’s the most important thing.”

Content on the new site will be refreshed and updated on a regular basis and a members-only section will include some beneficial value-added resources according to Nickerson.

If you have any comments or concerns with the new website, please contact CIFST directly.

“We would be very happy to get your feedback,” said NIckerson.