CIFST Food Cluster –

Program Parameters: Funding

Program Parameters: Cost-Share Ratios

  • Activities that focus primarily on GHG or Carbon Sequestration may be considered for a cost-share
    ratio of up to a maximum of 70:30 (non-profit applicants only).
    • i.e., 70% AAFC and 30% industry
  • All other activities will be considered for a costshare ratio of up to a maximum of 50:50.
    • i.e., 50% AAFC and 50% industry
  • Applies to Vote 10 (CA) and Vote 1 (CRDA)
  • As demand for the program is expected to be high, applicants are encouraged to seek out other sources of
    funding above the minimum applicant cost-share ratio.


Program Parameters: Funding Limits


  • AAFC funding for a Cluster will not exceed $15 million over five-years, and will be no less than 5$ million over five-years.
  • The funding limit for Clusters will apply at the application stage.


  • The maximum AAFC funding amount for a Project will be less than $5 million over five years.


  • If a recipient has multiple approved Projects/Clusters within this program, total AAFC funding cannot exceed $10 million per year.
  • Funding limits are the combined Contribution Funding (Vote 10) and Collaborative Research Assistance (Vote 1).


Program Parameters: In-Kind Contributions

  • The Recipient portion of the cost-share can be comprised of both cash contributions and in-kind contributions.
  • In-kind contributions can only account for a maximum of 10% of total costs under the CA.
  • In-Kind contribution means the fair market value attributed for goods; and, the fair value attributed for services, that are contributed to a Cluster and require no outlay of cash during the term of the CA by a Recipient or a Cluster contributor.
    • These contributions must be eligible costs.
    • They will not be reimbursed by AAFC.


Program Parameters: Stacking Limit

Your cost share portion can be comprised of your resources and other industry, partner and/or
other government sources of funding, which can include:

  • other federal government departments; and/or
  • provincial/territorial/municipal governments.

Total government sources of funding cannot exceed 85% of the total Project/Cluster cost.