Speakers – June 2, 2022 – Concurrent 3D

CIFST Ontario Section Track

Stephanie Bach, M.Sc. – Bach-It-Up Agri Consulting

Stephanie is classically trained in molecular biology, genetics, plant breeding, and food science. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta, and her graduate degree at the University of Guelph.  Since then, her career has taken her through traditional and genetic plant breeding programs, indoor and outdoor agriculture, conventional and organic growing systems, food and microbiology testing laboratories, and through some international food companies.

Stephanie has been working in and around the cannabis industry since 2016, managing product launches across Canada. Most recently, she has helped garner the processing sales license and research license for a licensed producer located in Western Canada. There, she has headed up the departments of Regulatory Affairs, Product Development, and Project Management, while also supporting the Operations, Quality, and Sales departments. She has a strong understanding of, and ability to navigate, the agriculture and cannabis industry.


Edible Cannabis: Today and Tomorrow

What are the current regulations are and how have they translated into the product landscape we have now. There will be a regulation review and what the product landscape could become with certain regulatory amendments.

Becky Griffin, Molecule

Becky Griffin has 10+ years in the food and beverage industry and has helped many small to medium size businesses bring products from ideation to commercialization, which include ready-to-drink beverages, ready-to-eat meals,  preserves, and novelty products. Most notably is her work within the non-alcoholic category which has won numerous awards in both the U.S Open Beer Championship and Canadian Grocers Grand Prix.

In Becky’s current role as Chief Innovation Officer at Molecule, she works within the highly regulated cannabis industry to create cannabis beverage brands that resonate with consumers and oversees product development, product submissions,  provincial and in-store sales as well as develops marketing and outreach approaches


The Evolving Cannabis 2.0 Landscape

Providing a look at getting products from production to consumer’s hands, challenges faced, and the evolving shift in the landscape which includes a forward-looking approach on trends to help cannabis beverages to be recognized as a choice in adult beverages.