A quartet of Laval University students were the big winners of the Marvin Tung Memorial Trophy in CIFST’s 2018 Student Food Product Development Competition. The national contest culminated in a four-team final challenge held May 27 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON.

Laura Lapointe, Alexane Thiffeault, Roxanne Nolet and Marc-Antoine Vezina were announced as the overall competition winners after presenting their Veggi Blueberry Waffles to a panel of judges representing industry and academia. The team’s Veggi Waffles are made with fruits, vegetables and whole wheat flour all sourced from Quebec and designed as an easy and enjoyable way for kids to get their recommended daily intake.

Other finalists included teams from British Columbia (Hempkin non-dairy milk), Alberta (Caramiel Fermented Milk) and Guelph, ON (Great Canadian Snack Pack fruit-filled cookies).

“We were extremely impressed with all of our student competitors and their products,” said CIFST President Mike Nickerson. “Their professionalism and innovative ideas, along with their enthusiastic approach to the work they’re doing, tells me that the field of food science and the food sector in general will be in very good hands in the years ahead.”

The Marvin Tung Memorial Trophy is named for Dr. Marvin A. Tung, a renowned educator and research scientist who passed away in 1999 at the age of 61. Dr. Tung was a Fellow of CIFST and a recipient of the W. J. Eva Award.