Make the most of your membership and get involved in your professional association

As you may be aware, the Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology is a volunteer-driven organization.

Each program year, CIFST engages the participation and support of our volunteers in the planning and delivery of programs and services. Like these hard-working volunteers, your motivation for sharing some of your time with CIFST could be for any one of a number of reasons:

  • to enhance your professional and business skills;
  • to develop your business contacts and relationships;
  • to support the industry in which you work, and help influence the direction of CIFST;
  • and/or to help fellow association members benefit from high-calibre programs and events.

Whatever the reason, you are guaranteed to get more from your CIFST membership by getting involved on any of the committees listed below.

Membership – Assist in the attraction and engagement of new members and participate in retaining existing members.

Scientific Advisory Panel – Increase CIFST’s identity, professionalism and voice through the development and sharing of expert views and information.

Annual Conference – Contribute to the annual conference program development, assist with sponsorship sales and help promote attendance.

Student Group – (Restricted to student members) Participate in virtual student networking and student-only program development.

The time commitment for each committee varies, however a committee may meet every six weeks with a volunteer’s monthly contribution of time totalling approximately 2 to 6 hours.

If you know you can contribute the time and wish to participate on a committee for a minimum of one year, please submit the information requested below. A representative may have additional questions to determine where your skills might be of greatest help to the members of CIFST.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Here is a link to our Volunteer application form.

Thank You